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What is

The Farmschool?

bringing learning to life  

The Farmschool charity was established in 2014 to reconnect children and young people with food, farming and the environment through visiting our working arable farm and taking part in one of our innovative programs.


We bring relevance and real-life examples of sustainability, food provenance, food production, environmental protection and economic/business principles to KS4 & 5 students in an engaging and practical way.

2023/4 Projects


A program built around the curriculum focusing on food production, traceability and sustainability. We engage students and encourage debate.


Trifecta Engagement


Bringing together three aspects of a supply chain, process or topic to reinforce learning and show relevance and context.


Curriculum Targeted Visits

Visits tailored to your group's curriculum needs. Whether it is Geography, Economics, Technology or Science we can build a program for you. 

Feedback from teachers and students

“ A fantastic day that is very closely linked to the curriculum. Students always love this trip."

— N. Wilkinson, Food Technology Teacher 

Why Visit The Farmschool?

  • To meet your curriculum needs and cover topics that are more difficult to teach in the classroom. 

  • To get your students outdoors on a working farm.

  • Tailor the day to match your class' knowledge level.

  • We are more than just a farm walk. Students engage, apply knowledge and are encouraged to debate and share opinions.

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